Set List - Saturday 21st May 2011

The Cockney Gargoyle 10pm - 10:30pm (Overture To The Last Farewell)

BatMix - Proud Death
+ Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me
BatMix - Was It Not Your Sin?
+ Christopher Young - Chemical Reaction
BatMix - Air Full Of Monsters
+ Giuseppe Verdi - Introitus : Requiem
BatMix - Gentle Death
+ Michael Andrews - Waltz In The 4th Dimension
BatMix - The End, To Die Is Gain
+ Arcana - Cathar

Dave Exile 10:30pm - 11pm

Elisir - Whispers In The Dark
Whispers In The Shadow - A Song For The Radio
NightPorter - The Sickness (Hate Mix)
Faith And The Muse - Battle Hymn
Soft Kill - From This Point On
Altered States - Low Life
Dutch Order - Jack 'n' Jill

DJX 11pm - 11:30pm

Two Witches - Irresistable
Swans Of Avon - Maniac Dreamer
Seraphim Twin - Atonement
Emma Conquest - Confide In Me
Isobel's Shrine - Resentment
Lady Besery's Garden - Collapse
One - Mercy Mile

The Cockney Gargoyle 11:30pm - 12am

The Cramps - What's Inside A Girl?
The B52s - Rock Lobster
Iggy And The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Sex Gang Children - Sebastiane
Alien Sex Fiend - RIP
Public Image Limited - This Is Not A Love Song
Joy Division - She's Lost Control
David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World

DJX 12am - 12:30am

The Doors - Strange Days
Bauhaus - Silent Hedges
The Cure - A Short Term Effect
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Arabian Knights
Diary Of Dreams - Chemicals
Clan Of Xymox - Stranger
The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood

DJ Ben 12:30am - 2am

Elusive - Dream On Sister
Pretentious, Moi? - Malina
The Last Dance - She's Dancing
The Mission - Amelia
New Model Army - The Hunt
Einstürzende Neubauten - Feurio
Editors - Papillon
Crystal Castles - Not In Love
Clan Of Xymox - A Day
Corpus Delicti - Saraband
Virgin Prunes - Baby Turns Blue
Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line
Sleeping Dogs Wake - This Little Piggy
Danielle Dax - Big Hollow Man
The Sisters Of Mercy - Alice
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
Joy Division - Transmission
The Chameleons - Don't Fall
The March Violets - Snake Dance
The Three Johns - Teenage Nightingales To Wax
The Bolshoi - A Way

Dave Exile 2am - 3am

The Cure - Fascination Street
Pink Turns Blue - Your Master Is Calling
Death In June - The Calling (MkII)
Cranes - Focus Breathe
The Creatures - Exterminating Angel
Dead Souls Rising - Sin
Fields Of The Nephilim - Sumerland (single)
The Sisters Of Mercy - Marian
The Sound - Sense Of Purpose
Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours
The Cult - Black Angel

(Epilogue: Arcana - March Of Loss)