Set List - Friday 31st January 2003

Dave 10:30pm - 1:00am

Descendants Of Cain - The Fallen Kingdom
Gary Numan - Dead Heaven
Diary Of Dreams - You (-Das)
The God Machine - The Desert Song
Leisurehive - Position
The Caves - Darkness
Womb - Dead Line
Passion Play - Leaving
Belisha - The Fall Of The Evergreen (Single Mix)
Play Dead - This Side Of Heaven
Bauhaus - Spirit
The March Violets - Religious As Hell
Xmal Deutschland - Hand In Hand
Cranes - Joy Lies Within
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
Switchblade Symphony - Bad Trash
The Creatures - 2nd Floor
Diva Destruction - The Broken Ones
Die Form - Phenomena Of Visitation 3
Project Pitchfork - Requiem
Wench - Tantra
Qntal - Ad Mortem Festinamus
Hagalaz' Runedance - Hel, Goddess Of The Underworld
Dead Can Dance - Avatar
The Cure - A Strange Day
Joy Division - Colony
The Chameleons - The Fan And The Bellows
New Model Army - White Coats
The Merry Thoughts - We Love To
Big Electric Cat - Paris Skyes
Rosetta Stone - The Witch
Inkubus Sukkubus - Paint It Black
Marionettes - Ave Dementia
New Days Delay - Tiny Monsters
The Damned - Grimly Fiendish
Bauhaus - She's In Parties
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?
The Danse Society - We're So Happy
Clan Of Xymox - Back Door

Ben 1:00am - 3:30am

The Crüxshadows - Cruelty
Covenant - Call The Ships To Port
Sheep On Drugs - 15 Minutes Of Fame
Nekromantik - Children Go Bang
Wumpscut - Solyent Green
Rammstein - Sonne
London After Midnight - Sacrifice
The Sisters Of Mercy - Some Kind Of Stranger
The Merry Thoughts - Pale Empress
Fields Of The Nephilim - Moonchild
Garden Of Delight - Shared Creation
Christian Death - Deathwish
The Chameleons - In Shreds
Killing Joke - Kings And Queens
Rosetta Stone - If Only And Sometimes
The Mission - Serpents Kiss
The Cure - The Hanging Garden
Joy Division - Transmission
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Mesh - Trust You
Manuskript - Rings And Scars
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non Stop Violence
Covenant - Like Tears In Rain
Rammstein - Du Hast
London After Midnight - Kiss
Lacuna Coil - Daylight Dancer
The Cure - Burn
New Model Army - Vagabonds (12")
Stiff Little Fingers - Each Dollar A Bullet
The Chameleons - Don't Fall
Killing Joke - Eighties
The Sisters Of Mercy - Body Electric (Original 12")
The Three Johns - Atom Drum Bop
Fields Of The Nephilim - Blue Water