Set List - Friday 29th December 2000

Ben 10:30pm - 1:30am

Bauhaus - Swing The Heartache
Faculties Of The Broken Heart - Baby Turns Blue
The Chameleons - Swamp Thing
Corpus Delicti - Noxious
Fields Of The Nephilim - Psychonaut Lib 111
The Sisters Of Mercy - Driven Like The Snow
The Cure - One Hundred Years
Diary Of Dreams - Retaliation (1999)
The Last Dance - Do You Believe In Angels?
Wolfsheim - Once In A Lifetime
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non Stop Violence
VNV Nation - Solitary (Signals Edit)
Sheep On Drugs - Motorbike
Suspiria - (Now We See) The Swine
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Arabian Nights
All About Eve - Flowers In Our Hair
The Mission - Amelia
Rosetta Stone - The Witch
The Damned - Grimly Fiendish
Killing Joke - Eighties
Joy Division - Transmission
Christian Death - Heresy
Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia
Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Bauhaus - Dark Entries
New Model Army - Smalltown England
The Sisters Of Mercy - Adrenochrome
The Cure - Burn
London After Midnight - Kiss (Ra Mix)
Rammstein - Engel
Mesh - Trust You
Das Ich - Destillat

Dave 1:30am - 3:30am

The Sisterhood - Jihad
Death In June - The Calling
Joy Division - Isolation
The Cure - Primary
The Chameleons - The Fan And The Bellows
New Model Army - Western Dream
The Cult - Hollow Man
Rosetta Stone - An Eye For The Main Chance
Inkubus Sukkubus - Heart Of Lilith
The Breath Of Life - Nasty Cloud
Dead Can Dance - A Passage In Time
Mephisto Walz - Aegis
Clan Of Xymox - Stranger
Diary Of Dreams - Butterfly:Dance!
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)
Wolfsheim - Heroin, She Said
Front 242 - Headhunter v1.0
Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole
Project Pitchfork - Souls
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Bauhaus - The Passion Of Lovers
The Chameleons - In Shreds
Joy Division - Shadowplay
Fields Of The Nephilim - Preacher Man
The Sisters Of Mercy - Walk Away
Star Industry - Nineties
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
The Damned - Eloise