Invocation, 2006-present

As of 24th March 2012, Invocation has returned to its spiritual home, The Minories!

From the ashes of punk, and the elements that created it, arose a spirit.

Visceral and yet cerebral, creative and destructive, it was sometimes political,
sometimes introspective, often angry, never aimless, always dark.
Over time, the spirit has been twisted, parodied, ridiculed, discarded, forgotten,
but in small pockets and certain individuals, it survives.

We aim to invoke that spirit.

Tenebrae, 1997-2004 and 2010-2011

On moving to London in 1999, I quickly began to frequent M:Alice Underground, a weekly goth/alternative
night held on Tuesdays at Gossips, Soho. Discussions with the promoter, Batman, and main resident DJ,
Ben, led to me becoming a resident DJ at both M:Alice, and also its monthly Friday sister night, Tenebrae,
which had been on hiatus when I arrived. We had some fantastic times at both nights over the years!

Ritual, 2005

I heard Michela Banshee playing a guest set at another London club, and was so impressed that I
suggested we DJ together. The result was short-lived but intense - the very purist goth night Ritual.

Exile, 1998-2004

The closure of several local club nights, and changes in the music policy of those further afield, led me
to run what was originally intended to be a one-off goth / industrial night with a friend, Simon. The night
was fantastically well received, so we decided to do it again... and again... and again...